AWS Summit, London

Today was Amazon’s Web Services Summit in London. tec20 have only scratched the surface of what AWS can offer, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what additional products we could make use of.

While the day seemed to consist mainly of sales pitches and marketing blurb, there was still some decent knowledge to be learnt.

For example, few people realise that Amazon S3, one of their main offerings, can not only be used for storage but also to serve static websites. It is in fact a giant web server, so as long as you don’t want any dynamic content in your output, S3 would be suitable for powering any static, high-demand content.

One of their newest products, Amazon Glacier, should be seriously considered for off-site backups. They are offering 1 cent per TB, which would give any online storage a good run for their money. The only drawback is that the data is available in 3 to 5 hours of being requested.

I managed to get some good quality technical support from the staff there, which was worth the free ticket! On my journey home, I’m going to be spending a fair amount of time considering NoSQL alternatives over the more traditional SQL variants.

Great day. It cements my thoughts that conferences are definitely worth it.