Website design services

Our website design and development services help clients realise the power of the web to become smarter, more connected, and more efficient. A strategically developed web application will help your business lower operating costs, increase revenues, and improve quality of service.

We develop custom web applications (websites) using the latest technologies to maximize your return on investment. We equip our clients’ businesses with powerful tools that provide the ability to track and manage data, access current and historical operational information, improve communications, and automate processes.

Getting the edge

There are some basic factors that will give your website the edge over your competitors. Your website should be a reflection of your business. Depending on your business, your website may be your only presence.

Content – Is the content on your website of the highest possible quality you can achieve?

Simplicity – Does your website provide its content in the most straightforward way?

Accessibility – Can users easily find the information they want from your website?

Efficiency – Does your website increase your revenue? Does it save you time?

Reflection – Does your website match the profile of your business?

User Experience – Do your users have a positive experience when using your website?

Audience – Is your website best suited to your target demographic?

Paying attention to the these factors throughout the design process and when running a website will ensure that you maximise the potential of your website. At tec20, our team has years of experience in creating great-looking websites that achieve positive user experiences. We’ll make sure that your site will communicate well with your customers while looking great on all levels.

What have we done for other customers?

We have developed hundreds of websites over the years for small businesses right up to large corporates. No job is too big or too small. Some of our larger clients include the BBC, British Oxygen & the ERDF. If you want to see what we have done, just give us a call or mail and we will be glad to show you our portfolio.


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