Which platforms do you need to cover with your product? iOS? Android? Probably Windows Phone and/or Windows Tablets?

What we see from our research is that iOS and Android together account for more than 90% of the market and revenues. Android means audience, iOS means revenues. Many businesses try to build apps for both of them for marketing non-digital services and products or you may just want an app. for your staff?

Tec20 are at the cutting edge of IT in the field of mobile and web development. How do we apply it for you?

  • Develop an application for one or more mobile platforms;
  • Port an application to another mobile platform;
  • Build a custom website/web service;
  • Build a front-end website with a content management system;
  • Create a complex system comprising a server and one or more mobile clients.

Every mobile solution undergoes a full software development cycle, which includes: analysis of requirements; building the architecture of a software product; user interface (UI) design; implementation; testing and verification; deployment and product support. Every stage presupposes cooperative work with you, ‘the Client’ and the software development team.


Tec20 is a client-oriented and relationship-based software company. After the product launch we conduct maintenance and support:

  • Minor updates, fixes and tweaks;
  • Adjustments of product performance;
  • Installation support for web services and apps;
  • Product documentation;
  • Product usage troubleshooting.

Our experts can advise you on technology aspects, development, testing and quality assurance, project management, UI design, and generally on getting things done. If you employ us to develop your software product, you receive consulting services free of charge.


Depending on your needs, we can offer our design, development, testing and consulting services separately.


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