Our approach consists of a series of steps from your initial concept to a fully finished working product and this is how we achieve it

We believe that this method works for small and large businesses and ensures that you the customer are happy with the final product

Step 1
The Idea
  • All good developments start with a good idea. Understanding the idea is key to the success of a project.
  • We work closely with you and discuss the detail in depth helping us to understand the size of the project, what resources we might need and provide you with an idea of budget and timescale.
Step 2
  • Using our rapid prototyping approach we can quickly develop the basic core of your application. This allow you to visualise the end product and ensure that we are on the right track.
  • This is also the point where changes can be made quickly without the need to re-design the software from the beginning.
Step 3
  • Design goes hand-in-hand with function. Software must 'feel good' when it is used and be easy to use.
  • Using the latest methods in UI design we can design intuitive and functional designs quickly and easily allowing them to be tweaked at any time if necessary.
Step 4
  • We now understand the concept, we also have a look and feel. Now it's time to start developing each function with all it's detail called 'writing the code'.
  • Each 'module' is developed, checked with you, tweaks made and then on to the next module.
Step 5
  • After we have completed and produced all of the code the system now moved into the testing phase. As series of UAT (User Acceptance Tests) are produced and these are tested against the software.
  • Any bugs found are fixed and the tests are performed again until the system is free from errors.
Step 6
  • The system has now been developed in full. It has been tested, debugged and the final finishing touches have been added, staff have been trained and are ready to go.
  • The system is now set to LIVE! We keep a close eye on the software and are always on hand if you need help

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