Form20 - Mobilising your Software

What it is

  • Data capture from any iOS or android device

How it works

  • Provides an API to allow your software or website to send surveys or forms to be completed by your mobile task force
  • Mobile users receive an individual list of tasks to complete
  • Data is entered and uploaded back to server
  • Callbacks to your software to return the raw data or fully customised (templated) PDF


  • Works offline
  • Store geolocation of data entry
  • Can use geolocation or iBeacon technology to activate specific forms, such as geo-fencing (Users must be within a specified distance from a point in order to complete a form)
  • Stores media (Images and Signatures) as well as standard form data types
  • Customisable app user interface (see bespoke application development)
  • Uses industry-standard authentication and encryption protocols (OAuth2 and SSL)
  • Apps can be distributed either via the App Store or Play Store, or through Ad-hoc enterprise installations